Mission Statement

At Dixie Cream Artisan Donuts & Coffee, our goal is to provide a swanky, irresistible vibe that makes each guest feel like a celebrity, or billionaire inventor -- whichever you prefer!

Here in the threshold of the Texas hill country, not too far from the crystal clear San Marcos River we work tirelessly to supply San Marcos with our mouth-watering donuts. Not only is Dixie Cream the oldest donut shop in town, we are the oldest brand in the entire country- established in 1929. We thrive in a quaint little building just one block south of the historic San Marcos Square. We are at the corner of MLK  and S. LBJ Dr. and nestled right by the railroad tracks. That’s because we occupy what once was the Western Union / American Express train stop.

Our work begins daily at 3 a.m. and we are ready for customers by 6 a.m. We roll, fold and cut everything entirely by hand. Our flour mix is comprised of mainly potato flour. Not only is potato flour delicious, it causes less oil to be absorbed into the donuts. Part of how we make our amazing Apple Fritters is by hand chopping cinnamon and apples right into the dough. Our menu is gently expanding with exciting delicious items that would compliment our hand rolled croissants with ham and cheese, pigs in a blanket, and our jumbo jalapeño & cheese hogs.

You must come by to taste our passion!


We chose to eat at Dixie Cream Artisan Donuts & Coffee, simply because of their strict quality-first policy. We never saw a single ugly donut-Remarkable!

-- Liz Brand , Austin


When I ate at Dixie Cream Artisan Donuts & Coffee, I felt like a star. They  filled my donuts for me on the spot, and even walked my boxes of Manske Rolls to my car for me! Thanks, Dixie Cream Artisan Donuts & Coffee!

--  Pietro Martinez,  San Antonio 


Dixie Cream Artisan Donuts & Coffee in San Marcos